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Your institution has a lovely college branding plan. But branding doesn't generate enrollments. You need measurable direct response marketing that reinforces your brand while generating enrollments. We develop direct response campaigns and implement tracking and analysis. Equally important: We teach your marketers these skills so that they can generate their own qualified prospect pipelines.


Your enrollment admissions team is the first line of contact with potential students. Every interaction should create a low-pressure, trusted advisor relationship. Recruiting new students is a science, and inquiry response time, message, frequency, and modality are its key metrics. BE works with your enrollment admissions team – or shows you how to build one from scratch – to develop and execute a precise recruitment pipeline process. 


The right investment in student retention generates the highest long-term return. Retention is an active process, mixing technology and human intervention; and it is much more than academic advising. BE shows institutions how to improve retention, with staffing and training plans, hands-on coaching, and reporting/feedback.

Program and Market Research

Higher education is a congested marketplace. Choosing where and how to expand requires comprehensive research to determine the feasibility of degree programs and successfully target appropriate audiences – both regionally and nationally. Key characteristics to determine feasibility include input/output occupations, size of the prospective audience, competitive set analysis, and industry growth.

Strategic Planning

We love "talking strategy," but we know that strategy has no value when divorced from operations. BE's consultants bring significant practical experience to strategic planning, starting with a realistic view of operational areas and financial outcomes, supported by research.


It is essential to maintain a responsive and cost-effective IT infrastructure, but every innovation adds new stressors. We understand IT "growing pains" and help institutions to assess and select new technology platforms, improve service, and forge a non-siloed approach to operations.

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes
— John Robert Colombo

business Case-Building

Institutional inertia is a major hurdle to innovation, and BE helps colleges and universities to overcome internal resistance to growth. We help you create a robust business plan that reflects your institution's reality, forecasts financial outcomes and risks, models the impact of outsourcing functions, and supports your sustainable growth goals.

Vendor Selection & Hiring

When building or expanding capabilities, the decision to outsource functions or build an internal team is critical. Even when outsourcing, there are ripple effects of staff needed for the program and support services. Our consultants are experts in helping institutions select vendor partners that match an institution's culture and goals and will aid in recruiting, selecting, and training internal operations staff, reducing your operational risk.


A properly designed curriculum engages the senses and expands opportunities for students to fully immerse themselves in course material and achieve desired learning outcomes. Whether through multimedia, access to online resources and current events, interviews with industry experts, interactive learning games, or social engagement, students in the learning environment should achieve exemplary academic outcomes due to thoughtful and innovative instructional design. No program or course should be cookie cutter, just as no two instructors engage in the same way. BE's instructional design consultants are experts in translating the vision of faculty into high-quality, cost-effective curricula.