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Bridging the Gap Between the Art of Teaching and the Business of Higher Education

Bluestocking Education specializes in the often-overlooked operational aspects of higher education, focusing on integrating better business practices into the mission and culture of colleges and universities. Our goal is simple: To teach institutions the specific skills they need, as quickly as possible, or help them select third-party vendors to fulfill functional gaps. This includes identifying the areas where better processes,  communication and alignment will lead to enrollment growth and future-proofing of an institution.

Higher education is not a business ... Institutions have many stakeholders and as many different definitions of success. We have helped countless college presidents, deans, CFOs, and faculty to successfully advocate for growth, navigate through competing concerns, and plot a course for sustainable growth in line with the institutional mission.

... but it is increasingly subject to the laws of business. Colleges and universities face both old and new pressures -- shrinking budgets, growth of online modalities, compliance with new regulations. Competition is increasing, and institutions must confront entrenched institutional beliefs and blind spots (e.g., "the gatekeeper mentality") in order to flourish. BE provides concrete tools and training that help you to future-proof your institution against market pressures. Sometimes that means building in-house capabilities and sometimes outsourcing is more operationally and fiscally feasible. BE will help define and implement the appropriate path.

Technology enables, but service delivers. Ultimately, what Bluestocking delivers is "plan alignment" that incorporates the heart of an institution -  the mission and culture - into a measurable strategy with goals on the same plane as that of the business. Our consultants have lived at the junction of higher education and sustainable business practices for over 30 years. We understand the strategies to market to, recruit and educate today's students – Generation X, Millenials and iGen – utilizing modern technology and media.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke

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